New Waukegan Ordinance Brings Changes to Home Sales Process

In a recent development impacting the Waukegan real estate market, an ordinance was passed that introduces significant changes to the process of issuing closing letters for home sales.

This new onerous regulation, which came into effect on October 16, requires an inspection and full payment of existing liens before the closing letter can be issued. Recognizing the potential implications of this ordinance, Illinois REALTORS® wasted no time in acting.

Representatives from the organization convened a meeting with Mayor Anne Taylor and her team to engage in a professional and collaborative discussion and continue to be engaged in a cooperative on-going discussion with city representatives despite the city pushing this matter through very quickly.

It is crucial for all Mainstreet REALTORS® members involved in real estate transactions within Waukegan to be informed about these recent changes and the revised process. The details of the ordinance can be found on the official Waukegan City website. Click here to view the City of Waukegan News Flash article.

Illinois REALTORS® and Mainstreet REALTORS® are actively engaged in ongoing conversations with Mayor Taylor's administration, aiming to raise awareness about this new process. Moreover, we seek your feedback on how the implementation is affecting your real estate transactions.

To provide a firsthand account of the impact this is having on your transactions, members who are active in Waukegan are strongly encouraged to fill out a brief form detailing their experiences. Click here to open the Waukegan Closing Letter Fee Google Form.

This will enable us to present the city with a comprehensive overview of the effects of this new onerous process on the real estate community. Additionally, Illinois REALTORS® and Mainstreet REALTORS®, in conjunction with the City of Waukegan, are working to develop resources like an FAQ.

For any questions or additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Michael Dobrow, Local Government Affairs Director. Click here to email Michael Dobrow.

Written by Michael Dobrow, Local Government Affairs Director, Illinois REALTORS®