IPAV and Mainstreet Are at it Again!

Last month, Mainstreet had the privilege of welcoming our friends from the Young Professionals Network (YPN) from Ireland’s Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) for a YPN Exchange Program! The Program presents YPN members of Mainstreet and IPAV with the opportunity to discover the benefits of developing global Real Estate relationships.The goal for this collaboration is increasing the number of young professionals participating in both organization’s global programs.  


On their visit, the YPN from Ireland experienced the Real Estate transaction process Mainstreet members go through. What surprised them were the differentiating tasks and the amount of time each transaction requires, from showing to closing. During a Mainstreet Affiliate Partner panel, they discovered how quickly the transaction process is in the states vs. Ireland. Additionally, IPAV had on-site visits to MRED and NAR’s offices, participated in NAHREP Lake County’s Inspire event, and met with economic developers from Lake County Partners.  


Autumn apparel, leaves waxing fall, plus the now familiar Windy City gusts left a lasting impression on our guests from across the pond.As if all their agenda items were not enough, we found time to jointly attend our 14th Annual Oktoberfest at Mainstreet Headquarters in Downers Grove. 


Joining of the Minds 

Mainstreet and IPAV joined forces for a jam-packed panel discussion on building relationships in the Real Estate industry. What type of connections do you have now? Are they personal, or business? Are you maximizing the potential for each connection? Learn how you can leverage your sphere of influence to increase your bottom line by watching the recording of From Partnership to Paycheck. 


IPAV and Mainstreet: A Partnership Worth Its Weight in Gold 

The relationship between Mainstreet and IPAV began a few years ago and has since flourished. Over the years, Mainstreet and IPAV have participated in trade missions in both Ireland and the U.S. to learn about the everchanging Real Estate landscapes. Earlier this year, Mainstreet members took a trip to Ireland to visit IPAV to lay the groundwork for the YPN Exchange Program. You can read about that trip here.


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