Mainstreet’s Fifth Annual Consumer Campaign Bets Big on Digital and Multi-Channel to Reach Chicagoland Buyers and Sellers

Last month, Mainstreet kicked off its fifth annual consumer ad campaign, which will educate Chicagoland buyers and sellers about how to succeed in today’s rapidly changing real estate market. As in years past, the campaign will also work to help consumers understand the importance of working with a Mainstreet REALTOR®.

Mainstreet’s consumer campaign has long been focused on digital media, and that focus will continue this year with significant investments in Google and Facebook advertising. Additionally, in 2023, Mainstreet is partnering with Cumulus Media to take a multi-channel approach that will reach likely buyers and sellers through social media, email, and digital audio ads delivered through podcasts, smart speakers, and mobile apps. This multi-channel approach will ensure that targeted real estate consumers see Mainstreet’s ads through as many different channels as possible.

With the local real estate market balancing out somewhat in recent months, 2023’s consumer campaign will place priority on reaching both buyers and sellers, while last year’s campaign focused primarily on sellers.The campaign will help sellers understand how to prepare their homes to sell well, especially now that inspections and staging are regaining importance. It will also help buyers understand how to navigate a market that is still fast-moving and work to assuage fears about high mortgage rates and a “real estate bubble”.

Campaign Approach

This year, Mainstreet has increased its investment in Google advertising, which reaches real estate consumers with text ads based on their search terms while they’re using the search engine. The Google campaign also reaches consumers with display ads via Google’s vast network of ad partners. As technology continues to advance, the Google portion of the campaign continues to see improved results month-over-month. This year, we’re especially focused on optimizing Google ad performance to reach the real estate consumers most likely to take actions like clicking to Mainstreet’s site or contacting a Mainstreet REALTOR®. Facebook advertising will supplement the significant investment in Google ads.

In 2023, thanks to the partnership with Cumulus Media, Mainstreet has an opportunity to reinforce its message through more channels than ever. Cumulus’ technology targets likely buyers and sellers in Chicagoland with extreme precision, and then ensures that the same consumer is served ads in many different places, from their favorite podcast, to their email inbox. With each ad delivery, the consumer’s likelihood of remembering Mainstreet and taking an action like clicking to the site or contacting a REALTOR®  increases. The partnership with Cumulus builds upon a successful pilot with Cumulus podcast advertising in 2022.

Expected Campaign Results

Mainstreet’s consumer campaign has seen significant growth each year since its inception in 2019, and we expect this fifth year of the campaign to be its bet yet. The 2022 campaign reached more than 30 million people, a 250 percent increase over 2021, and a record high since the consumer campaign began. We look forward to keeping you posted on results and learnings as the 2023 campaign continues, and welcome your feedback and ideas.