Pathway to Success

Newly Revised Pathway to Success is a Game Changer! 

Welcome to Mainstreet's newly updated Pathway to Success, created to help association members navigate their first year in Real Estate. The steps below include important and helpful resources to establish a strong foundation from which to build a successful career in Real Estate. 

Entering a new career, especially one as dynamic as Real Estate, requires lots of knowledge, an understanding of best practices, and some discipline - that’s what the activities below are designed to build. That’s what Mainstreet is here to do – be your foundation for success. Learn more about how the Pathway works and have fun.

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Questions on the Pathway? Email Ramona Ruskuls or call 630.324.8465.

Step 1: Be Resourceful

Goal: To build a resource sheet of important information and contacts that can assist with your career development.

Step 2: Establish Your Foundation

Goal: To understand the resources available to you through your Designated Managing Broker and to establish a foundation for success as your career takes off as an Independent Contractor.

Step 3: People and Places

Goal: To develop a framework to organize and grow your sphere of contacts and to establish a system to understand and remain current on market dynamics.

Step 4: Establish Good Habits

Goal: To create a routine and business structure that supports good habits and best practices.

Step 5: Market Yourself

Goal: To create a prospect engagement plan using various marketing channels.

Step 6: Complete Jumpstart

Goal: To satisfy your orientation requirement and to complete the first eight hours of your required 45-Hour Post-Licensing Course.

Step 7: Master the Contract

Goal: To understand the 7.0 Multi-Board Contract, its addendums, and forms.

Step 8: Develop a Commitment to Buyer Representation

Goal: To understand buyer agency.

Step 9: Open House Success

Goal: To explore ways to develop leads and grow your sphere.

Step 10: Know Your Stuff

Goal: To understand the agreements and platforms that will support your ability to represent clients effectively.

Step 11: Develop and Present Your Commitment to Seller Representation

Goal: To help in the development of a knock-out seller representation pitch, including your specialized value as a REALTOR®.

Step 12: Go Dig for Leads

Goal: To understand strategies for getting new leads using the tools you already invest in.

Step 13: Get Networking

Goal: To understand the power of networking and how it will help your career.

Step 14: Complete Post-Licensing

Goal: Complete the 45-Hour Post-Licensing Requirement at an accredited school, like Mainstreet.

Step 15: Check Yourself

Goal: To review the activity plan, habits, and engagement goals you created for yourself; check progress and redirect your path if your plan needs updating; get started on a thought-out strategic business plan.

Step 16: Manage Your Reputation

Goal: To better understand that Real Estate is a reputation business and learn how to manage your online presence.

Step 17: Prepare for Retirement

Goal: To help you establish financial best practices early in your new career.

Bonus Step: Make a Commitment to Excellence

Goal: Begin Your C2EX through NAR. Receive a bonus reward!