Filing for Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process. If you’re filing for mediation, the following steps should be followed once the closing has occurred.

  • Read Mainstreet's mediation procedures below.
  • Review the Mediation vs Arbitration Chart to the left and the Mediation FAQs page to learn about how mediation differs from arbitration.
  • Fill out the request to mediate through our online process, Simple Online Standards.

What Happens Next?

  • Once the arbitration or mediation request is received by the Board, the secretary will inquire if the complainant and respondent wish to mediate the dispute prior to consideration by the Board’s Grievance Committee.

  • The complainant will be asked to file through the Simple Online Standards website.
  • Upon receipt of completed forms from complainant, the respondent will be sent the following:
    • Notice of request for mediation form
    • Agreement to mediate form
    • Mediation officer selection form
  • Upon receipt of all completed forms, the Board may assign any mediator not challenged to serve as the mediation officer.
  • A notice of selection of mediation officer will be sent to both complainant and respondent.

  • The mediation officer will contact the complainant and respondent directly to set a mutually acceptable time and location for the mediation conference.

  • The complainant and respondent will be sent the mediation officer form letter confirming date, time, and location of conference.

If the mediation conference successfully resolves the dispute:

The original, signed mediation resolution agreement (Form #A-17) should be forwarded to the Board by the mediation officer. The resolution agreement should be kept in the file with all pertinent records pertaining to that case. Both the complainant and respondent should receive a copy of the resolution agreement.

If the mediation conference does not successfully resolve the dispute:

If the parties are unable to resolve their dispute, the mediation officer may make the determination that the parties have reached an impasse and may recommend an equitable solution. The recommendation for resolution can be oral or in writing and may be provided to both parties at the conclusion of the mediation procedure.

  • Any party who does not respond to the mediation officer within seventy-two (72) hours will be considered to have rejected the suggested solution.
  • The mediation officer should advise the Board that the mediation conference has been terminated without resolution of the dispute.
  • The mediation officer will send a termination of mediation conference form to Board.
  • A request for arbitration will be forwarded to the Board’s Grievance Committee for review.