SentriLock Products and Pricing

Important! SentriLock Lockbox Shortage 

As of July 2021, SentriLock is experiencing a national shortage on the parts used to make lockboxes. Because of this shortage, effective immediately, Mainstreet is limiting the purchase of lockboxes to one per person, per month. If you would like to purchase a SentriLock Box, please call 630.324.8400 to place your order.

What are your options if you aren't able to purchase a lockbox?

  1. As a Broker, you may have the ability to borrow a lockbox from your Managing Broker. Please check with them to see if that is the case. 
  2. You also have the ability to borrow a lockbox from another agent. In order to do this, you will need to call SentriLock at 877.736.8745 to get instructions on how to access the box.

Do you have SentriLock lockboxes you would like to sell or transfer to another agent? 

SentriLock lockboxes can only be transferred between members of Mainstreet. Just fill out and submit (submission details included in the form) Mainstreet's SentriLock Lockbox Transfer Request form.

Mainstreet will keep members updated about inventory and potential future solutions.

Lockboxes, Batteries and Replacement Products Available at Your Local MORe Office

Whether you need to purchase a new lockbox for your listing, batteries for your boxes or replace your lost or damaged equipment, Mainstreet is ready to service your SentriLock needs. Below is pricing on the available products.

Pricing Image

*Purchasing Batteries
Batteries must be purchased at any of our four locations; shipping of batteries is not allowed for safety reasons. Prices are subject to change.

**Replacement SentriCard or Card Readers
Before coming in to one of MORe's offices for a replacement SentriCard or card reader, please contact SentriLock Support at 877.736.8754 to troubleshoot the issue. Support may be able to assist in remedying the issue with the card or reader.