Use the Force: Building Your Pipeline and Lead Conversion - YPN Three Part Series (1/3)

February 15 - Webinar – The Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee hosted the first webinar in a three-part series featuring industry experts and panelists to discuss how to maximize your network as a REALTOR®. This Mainstreet exclusive series is titled “Growing Your Business in a Changing Market” and it is focused on staying dexterous in the everchanging real estate marketplace. 


Wednesday’s event name was “Use the Force” and pays tribute to the world-famous Star Wars movie universe, urging real estate professionals to use their internal resources to grow their external networking sphere. 


The first highlight of the event in this webinar was about the importance of utilizing a Client Relationship Management System (CRM). Adding every person in your network can be a daunting task. Names, addresses, phone numbers, company names, email addresses; entering and tracking 600 of these is enough to keep you busy but does not necessarily equate to making deeper interpersonal connections. The panelists and experts in this webinar examined how to efficiently manage this system, as the software varies from organization to organization and person to person. 

One helpful suggestion for deepening any connection was to spend time with the people you aim to have a continuous relationship with. Find an occasion to go out to lunch, or dinner, even coffee all to afford face-to-face time with clients. Instead of spending hours trying to keep track of every single person you meet within your network, strengthen the connections you want to maintain for the long-term. “A nickel is larger than a dime, yet a dime is worth twice as much.” 


A second helpful suggestion from a panelistwas following up with existing clients. Panelists and experts all agreed that building the bridge is important but so is crossing it. Take the time to be available to their calls, texts, direct messages and emails. However, “Use the Force” would tell you there is another step, Jedi masters. Set plans to gather in person, arrange a meeting and facilitate a conversation. Finalizing a deal is within the realm of possibility because of these meetingsYou may find yourself on the business end of a key referral… 


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