The Intersection of Mainstreet and Springfield: 2023 Illinois REALTORS® Capitol Conference

“You just had to be there,” is a colloquialism used to capture an experience that is otherwise difficult to describe. The Illinois REALTORS® 2023 Capitol Conference is firmly entrenched as a day to remember. This is the first of a three-part series dedicated to showcasing the highlights from this years conference. Some of those in attendance have been dedicated patrons for decades, others walk in wide-eyed and inundated with awe at the sheer size and scope of the venue. In either case there is a commonality: 700 REALTORS® showed up to support the right to connect everyday people with their slice of the American dream of homeownership.

Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® sent charter buses both the day before and the day of Capitol Conference, filled with eager REALTORS® and RPAC Major Investors. People are welcome to drive themselves, as many choose to do. However, the buses present a unique competition for all those riding down. Between Rolling Meadows, Downers Grove and Tinley Park bus riders were encouraged to invest in RPAC with the winning bus receiving a prize. The Downers Grove bus was the winner this year and was gifted a free lunch.

Downtown Springfield, Illinois is home to the Bank of Springfield (BoS) Center which is the landing spot for the 2023 Illinois REALTORS® Capitol Conference. Walking into the Arena the initial impression is grandeur. Sprawling deep red and dark blue banners from floor to ceiling accented by bright blue and red lighting, you can sense the magnitude of this yearly event. Five jumbo-sized LED screens provided a livestream feed of the Illinois REALTORS® podium, they ensured panoramic visibility of all speakers in crystal clear fashion. Simply put, there was not a bad seat in the house.

Panning down from the banners and signage to the floor layout, there are dozens of white tableclothed roundtables filled with REALTORS® and real estate professionals from all over the state. Mainstreet had almost 200 members show up and as a result were afforded the entire left side of the arena floor. It is always easy to spot Mainstreet REALTORS®; the iconic Mainstreet blue and white signs are everywhere.

Capitol Conference is just getting started. In this three-part blog series are the intricate details of the full-day experience in Springfield. Part-two of this three-part series contains direct quotes from the Mainstreet president-elect, the Illinois REALTORS® keynote speaker and a Mainstreet member you are sure to recognize.