How to Start Your Real Estate Career

Mainstreet is your one-stop for everything you need to know and do to get your real estate license, find your first job, and list and sell that first home.


The Licensing Process

Step 1: Coursework

Complete 75 hours of pre-licensing coursework and the course exam.

Step 2: Exams

After passing the pre-licensing course, it's time to take the State and National Licensing Exams with AMP.

Step 3: Transcripts

Your transcript will be sent to you after passing your exams. Now you're ready to get started with a real estate office!


Selecting a Real Estate Office & Tapping the Best Local Association

Step 1: Research Offices & Associations

Research prospective brands, offices, and the association they belong to in order to find the one that fits your needs.

Step 2: Be Financially Prepared

Research what your start-up and ongoing costs of business will be. These fees vary depending on the office and association you select.

Step 3: 45-Day Permit

The 45-Day Permit Sponsor Card is your green light to start your real estate career. This will be issued to you by your Managing Broker.

Step 4: Joining an Association

Once you select the office you will work with, membership to a local real estate trade association is your next step to beginning a successful career.

Step 5: New Member Orientation

Attend the New Member Orientation required by your association to get a refresher on important info for you business and a look at the new tools and programs available to you.

Kate Sax, RCE, AHWD, C2EX, e-PRO, CIPS

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Mary Stock, AHWD

Director, Education Services

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Education Specialist